Boats and Yachts


Motor boats

Experience our coasts rocked by the waves

Fall in love with the colors of the water in an experience between sky and sea. We offer a wide range of motor boats that differ in size, style and power, equipped with all the necessary comforts, and at your choice, expert crews of safety in navigation.

Sail boats

Glide on the water dragged by the wind.

The engines shut down, the sails unfold, it’s time to stop and listen to the gentle hiss of the wind. Our catamarans and boats are ideal for purists, sailing enthusiasts who prefer to enjoy crossing without rushing to arrive. They can be hired with or without skipper.

Boat tours

Explore our magical places

We will guide you to discover caves, deserted beaches, hidden sea bottoms and rocks with the strangest shapes. In addition to knowing in depth the various places to visit, we are in contact with all the ports and piers of the coast and islands, making exclusive our tours with classic and modern boats.

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Bespoke Experience

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